• [Article 768469]End of Year Banquets

    Thanks to all for a great season.
    Banquets will be as follows.
    Blue Flag
    (Football and Cheerleaders)
    Monday November 25 @ Lewis Co EMS Building
    Grey Flag
    (Football and Cheerleaders)
    Monday December 2 at 6pm @ Jacksons Mill Assembly Hall
    PeeWee & Midget
    (Football and Cheerleaders)
    Sunday December 8th at 5pm @ LCHS
    Please contact your coaches with any questions.

  • [Article 568344]Discount Cards

    All discount cards should be turned into your coach ASAP.
    The Discount cards haven been handed out or will be handed out tomorrow, please be sure to get these sold ASAP and get the money turned back in.If you need more cards please let me know.Reminder the top seller for the league will get a $100 visa gift card, top seller for each team will receive a $25 visa gift card.

    Front of card

    Discount Card 2013_Front

    Back of Card


  • [Article 395683]2013 Signup’s

    FINAL football and Cheerleading Sign ups will be August 1st @ RLBMS starting at 6pm. Everyone need to obtain their paperwork if they have not already gotten it.

    Below are the weight and ages:


    5-76 unlimited weight

    7 under 80 lbs can play flag over 80 can move up but better to stay in flag

    7 and over 100 they must play up to peewee


    8-9 unlimited weight

    10 under 95 lbs can play peewee over 95 must move up to Midget


    10-11 unlimited weight

    12 under 135 lbs can play midget over 135 cannot play


    Questions about Football please contact Tyke Foster  304-838-0297

    Questions about Cheerleading please contact Tori Zielinski 304-838-2546

    Please Join our Facebook Page @ Lewis County Mountaineer Youth Football & Cheerleading